Spanish Episcopal Conference thanks for welcoming

Conferência Episcopal Espanhola agradece acolhimento
Cascais recebeu 35 mil peregrinos espanhóis.

On the penultimate day of World Youth Day, August 5, the Spanish Episcopal Conference thanks, at the Hotel Jupiter, in Lisbon, the "good welcome, food, food and all the help" in Cascais to the thousands of Spanish pilgrims who choose not to stop during the event.

The young people – and all those who participated in WYD – spent the night between host families, schools and sports halls, always having the support of volunteers and people from Cascais in general.

Presided over by Juan Omella, the Spanish Episcopal Conference was the most represented in the council these days. In every corner of Cascais you could see Spanish flags, floods of young people “our brothers” and phrases like “we are vecinos from the side”.

“After having been to Cascais, I can only say two words, on behalf of everyone: “Amen” and “Hallelujah””, said Juan Omella.

In addition to the ceremony having a lunch, there was also a place for the Spanish Episcopal Conference to offer gifts to Carlos Carreiras, mayor of Cascais, to representatives of Cascais volunteers, the vicariate and other members of the municipality.

"Thank you very much. It was a blessing for us, not only to have received the Holy Father in Cascais for the first time, but also to have helped our young community to increase its spirit”, concluded Carlos Carreiras.

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